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Do you have a talent for writing?

I often receive requests from authors who have written a text and want my opinion. They ask me what I think, if it is a valid text, if it works and if it can sell.

However, these questions that seem to refer to the quality of the text often hide the true request of the author who wants to know if he has talent or not.

It is an understandable request, but meaningless. How can you decide if an author has talent from a single text? What maybe is his first text?

And above all, what is talent?

What is Talent In Scripture

It is difficult to define talent in writing.

There are those who have more creativity and always invent new original textures for their books, there are those who have easier writing and fills folders on folders in a short time; there are those who have greater linguistic competence and write correct texts at the first stroke, and then there are those who have more sense of rhythm, greater ability to observe for descriptions, more ease in dialogue, greater sensitivity to the psychology of the characters, etc. .

In short, the writing is composed of a thousand shades and there is no talent that includes them all.

Writing is an art composed of a thousand shades and there is no talent that includes them all.

Having a talent for writing can therefore mean many things: the talent of an author for descriptions is different, but not inferior to that, to the talent of another for dialogues or plots, and so on.

Everyone has his talent, or his attitude.

Being talented means being brought to an aspect of writing.

The good news is that we all have a talent. We just need to find out what it is.

So you too, yes, you, you are asking for it right now, you have a talent for writing.

You have to find out what it is and cultivate it.

Talent Is Not Enough

Talent is not taught: this is a statement that is often repeated and with which I agree.

But then, if talent is not taught, what is the use of all the creative writing courses that are around? If you need talent to write and if you can’t teach talent, then they should write only those – the lucky few – who have had the gift of talent.

Yet it is not so. Fortunately, I add.

Because the point is very simple: talent is not enough.

In reality anyone can write and there are many people who write for personal and private purposes and who would never dream of making their pages public. If your aim is to write for yourself, however, you don’t need lessons or creative writing suggestions because you write what you want, when you want, how you want.

Here we speak instead of those who want to write to be read and, even better, for those who want to write to be appreciated by others.

In this sense, writing is an external act, through which we give the world something of ourselves.

So if you too are part of the group of aspiring writers, or those who write to be read and appreciated by others, know that to write well, talent is not enough. We also need other things, I would say at least 3:

1. it takes training

You can be brought for the ride, but you can’t participate in the New York marathon if you can’t finish the tour on your block without breaking it.

2. it takes determination

An effective workout must be constant, but if you don’t have a strong motivation you will always find an excuse to postpone the exercises

3. it takes humility

When you think you have arrived, it’s time to start again for higher goals. Head down.

The inspiration is to sit at the table at the same time every day. (Gustave Flaubert)

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